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100% Organic Products

The Pian dei Tass farm is 100% Organic, and constantly checked by ICEA.
We grow all the main types of vegetables, which are used in the restaurant or sold in local Campagna Amica markets.
We are especially proud of our orchard, with its different varieties of apples (Idared, Topaz, Pinova, Mairac and Braeburn).
We also produce our own excellent juice, ideal as a cool, refreshing drink in summer or as an invigorating aid to digestion in winter. 
The Pian dei Tass agritourism centre also has a farm shop, housed in a separate building in a charming location, and here you can buy apples, apple juice and jams.

The Pian dei Tass farm has exhibited at various fairs over the years, including international ones such as Mostbarkeiten. At the opening, there are tastings and awards for products which feature in the Alpe Adria event, and in 2015 Pian dei Tass won first prize for the best apple juice.

Farm shop and participation in markets and fairs

Pian dei Tass also has a Farm Shop where you can can order and buy the farm's organic products.

Pian dei tass also supplies both shops and CSA groups!

For more information, please contact us!


DESCRIPTION: Extra crisp and extra juicy.

FLAVOUR: Connoisseurs will appreciate its slightly bitter-sweet taste.

CONSISTENCY: Crisp, with juicy freshness from the very first bite.


DESCRIPTION: Aromatic, and ideal for use in apple tarts.

FLAVOUR: Connoisseurs will enjoy the slightly acidic taste

CONSISTENCY: A fresh tasting apple.


DESCRIPTION: The Pinova apple is distinguished by its attractive appearance and its high sugar content and acidity

FLAVOUR: Bitter-sweet and aromatic

CONSISTENCY: Firm, juicy flesh


DESCRIPTION: It is known for its good yield and medium-large fruits

FLAVOUR: Acidic taste

CONSISTENCY: Firm flesh and long shelf life


DESCRIPTION: An autumn-winter apple, with large, vivid scarlet fruits.

FLAVOUR: A bitter-sweet taste

CONSISTENCY: Very juicy flesh with good texture and long shelf life


As we said, pian dei tass offers customers a choice of different apple varieties, including:

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